lunes, 30 de julio de 2012


I have a small family. We are from Venezuela. In my family 9 people. My grandmother is Dulce's and my grandfather is Victor's My father's name is benedicto and my Mom is Andreina. I have two sisters and two brother. My  sisters are Yetzibegg's and Ivana´s.  Yetzybegg is single. Ivana is children. My brother are jhonandre's and Daniel's. Jhonadre's and Daniel's are singles. I don't have any children yet. My name's is Ivaina's. (:

viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

Do you like venezuela food?

Katy:Hey, Juan, I'm hungry. let's eat
Juan:okay. do you like venezolana food?
Katy:yes, i love it!
Juan:i know a great restaurant. it's called ivaina's Diner. the soup chicken is delicious
Katy:oh, i don't really like chicken
Juan:well, they have hamburguer and pizza, too.
Katy:sounds good-I love pizza. let's go!

Exercises Unit 5